Best Mental Health Apps For Sleep In 2020

Health Apps have gone a long way since the first iPhone. We have apps with artificial intelligence that are quite powerful. GPS apps have allowed us to go from destination to destination without a single problem. Not to mention, there are tons of apps for people who are wanting to improve their overall sleep schedule as well.

Health Apps

Sleep is important to achieve the best mental and physical performance. Many people don’t get enough sleep, and ironically, using your phone a lot may be a reason behind the sleep deprivation.

Top Mental Health Apps For Sleeping

When using your phone, try not to use it before bed, and make sure you have the blue light filter on. Blue light can keep you up and interestingly, best health apps come integrated with this feature.

With that said, the phone can be used to get better sleep too. Here are a few sleep analysis apps that can help you in achieving that:

1. White Noise

Many people can’t sleep when there is background sound and it’s quite common. A person can’t sleep while there are hustle and bustle of traffic or when a music system is playing in the background. For this, the White Noise app generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, which blur the noise interruption.

You can download this free sleep app and play some white noise. There are plenty of sounds, from rain to a campfire. There are also various mobile apps that have fan noises or other white noises. Try it out if you don’t have the real thing.

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2. Awoken

Awoken is an app that is good for dreaming. Dreams can be an interesting insight into your mental health, and if you ever want to record your dreams or have a lucid dream, this app helps. It uses different exercises and has a dream journal to help you achieve this.

It learns about the dream while you dream and in turn, you can shape, influence and direct your dreams with clarity, rather being out of control. With this sleep pattern app, you can also understand the dreams by getting to know the pattern. The best thing about this sleep analysis app is that it also helps people to overcome nightmares.

3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

All smartphones have an alarm, so you may wonder why you should download an extra alarm. Well, the problem with alarms is that they wake you up at a point of your sleeping where it’s the deepest. This means that you’ll wake up groggy.

Wouldn’t you rather wake up during a light sleep so you are refreshed? This sleep tracker app can detect your movements and will wake you up at the best time for you.

4.  Relax Melodies

This app plays sounds and meditative music to help the brain unwind. The beats are different and they help you calm down before bed. Unwinding can be difficult, and sometimes, you may still be wound up even if you are tired. It’s hard to explain, but this app is here to help.

5. Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Some sources will tell you to nap if you need to, and others say not to do it. It’s different for everyone, and there are different types of napping. A 20-minute nap is great for getting a boost of energy, while a 90-minute nap is great if you barely got any sleep last night. This free sleep app senses when you are asleep, and then plays the alarm. Plus, it plays sounds.

An alarm that only activates when you fall asleep is good because too many people overthink the alarm and it ironically causes them to stay up for a long time. Therefore, Sleep Cycle seems to be a perfect free sleep app for people with insomnia.

6. Noisli

This free sleep app is background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. The user can get high-quality ambient sounds that will help in focusing while working and promises to boost the overall productivity.

The sleep analyzer works on a simple principle of cutting out annoying noises to concentrate better and create a pleasant audio environment for relaxing or sleeping. Noisli app is fit for users who have long office hours or intense study sessions.

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7. Sleep Time

Sleep Time is another excellent sleep tracker app that can help you to sleep better. The sleep tracker app helps in waking up in a calm, refreshed, and well rested manner every night. It’s more of a sleep diary to sleep well that comes packed with a fantastic sleep timer.

The Sleep Time app also keeps a close tab on the sleep cycle timer, which assists in understanding the sleep score and analysis. On detecting the movements during bedtime or nap, the sleep tracker app chooses soothing & peaceful alarm sound, lullaby & soundscape.

8. Pillow

Pillow is a smart sleep assistant, which analyzes the sleep cycles automatically using the Apple Watch. The sleep monitor app can also be used without an Apple Watch by placing the iPhone or iPad on the mattress near the pillow.

The free sleep app can also record crucial audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea and sleep talking. This way, the user can explore trends about his sleep and compare the sleep quality with ten Apple Health metrics that affect sleep.