Everyone Gets What They Desereve

Swami Vivekananda used to say “Everyone gets what they deserve. It might seem that way or be obvious to you, but I am telling you that is true”

Everything in this Universe is guided by intention. Whether we know it or not, intention is one of the most powerful forces in the cosmos. Every manifestation starts with intention. Intention is like the map propels us in the direction we want to go.


Whenever we say or do something, there will always be an intention behind that. We may actively know that intention or it might be buried under our ignorance. But intention is always there. Why is it important to know this? If we did something out of conscious intention, the karmic results of that thought, words or actions are much different than if we said, thought or did something out of unconscious intention. A wilful act of violence has different repercussions and results. An accident, although it might produce the same results in the external world, has totally different karmic results. When we fight to defend ourselves or our families, we get a different result.
When we fight to damage, destroy or harm someone r when we fight to rob or possess the wealth of others, the results are obviously different.

Karma is a very fair balancing system of the Universe, which looks to our intention more than actions, before allotting marks. And Karma is timeless. Hence, many of us might be facing the repercussions of our actions committed many lifetimes ago, and obviously we have no recollection of it. That is why when someone gets killed or hurt badly or abused, we often wonder “Why did this happen? What did that person do, to deserve this? Seem from the human 3 dimensional point of view, there are no answers to this question, and it seems like random acts of cruelty and violence. But if one could see if from the perspective of Karma, things might become clearer. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the vision to see from any other perspective except this 3 dimensional, often ego-mind driven perspective, which leaves us without understanding.

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Karma also sees whether our actions are conscious or unconscious. If we have been subjected to any kind of experience that we do not prefer to face, if we have been hurt by particular behaviour or words of another, rest assured that that person will no doubt face his or her karma. But the important thing to realise is that if we were to repeat that same behaviour with someone else, after having suffered the consequences of that behaviour ourselves, then our karmic backlash would be much harsher and stronger than that of the person who hurt us. Why?

Because now we know what it feels to be at the receiving end and it automatically becomes our learning and duty to see that we don’t perpetuate what we experienced. But because of unawareness, we often do, and then wonder why life is giving us so much suffering. Life give us only what we put out. If you are suffering, don’t look outwards, don’t look to put the blame on someone, or some event or on your destiny or on God. Look inwards, and see what suffering is teaching you, make the necessary corrections, finish your karmic quota of suffering, and move ahead.

All of us have felt miserable and hurt and wounded, by someone who shouted at us, abused us, traumatised us, shamed us and we have all cried, suffered, felt humiliated and rejected. That was part of some earlier karma which we were paying back. But, after the bitter and traumatic experience, if we were to unleash the same amount of violence on another, in spite of knowing how it feels to be shouted at and abused, our karmic debt would be very huge. Because now we know how it feels, we hated it, hated the person who did it, and yet, we did exactly the same thing he or she did. We were aware, and even with that awareness, we intended to do harm. Our suffering or sentence handed down by karma, would be huge.

Once you know and accept that only what you put out into the Universe come back to you, you can make wiser choices and decisions, with awareness.

Become aware, of your intentions, minute by minute, see what is happening, see what you are speaking or doing, and act with wisdom, patience, love, kindness, empathy, compassion and maturity. And when you are faced with adverse situations, instead of throwing responsibility on others, try and see why you have yourself co-created this situation, see what you need to learn and change within yourself, or see what you can give others, due to this situation.