How I Used Therapy to Realise My Worth

Worth The short term and long term effects of bullying are well studied and can include social isolation, symptoms of depression, severe anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, fall in academic performance, etc. When Sukriti first approached YourDOST in March 2019, she displayed quite a few of these signs, but was determined to overcome them.

My Worth

Sukriti had been experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, and hadn’t been performing well academically. Things got a bit much for her to handle when she found her anxiety quite overwhelming because of some impending job interviews.

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Sukriti knew that she’d had enough and determined that it was time to got better. That’s when she booked an appointment with Mr. Aditya Sisodia, an accomplished career counselor and life coach with over 10 years of experience in the field.

In her first few sessions, Sukriti was very guarded and took her time to open up. The very first thing that Aditya noticed was her low confidence and self-esteem. He immediately knew what needed to be worked on. As Sukriti met with him for follow-up sessions, the ice began to thaw, and she started getting more comfortable with opening up and discussing her fears and concerns.

Over the next few months, Aditya and Sukriti explored her past as well as her future plans. It made her more mindful and observant of her own actions and their impact on herself, something that had been difficult for her to do before. It was working. Every time Sukriti met with Aditya, he noticed a remarkable improvement in her confidence and self-esteem. Sukriti noticed it too.

It has been almost a year now since Sukriti started her journey of self-realization, self-improvement, and healing, and she is definitely a better version of herself. A counseling skeptic to start with, she now firmly believes in the efficacy of counseling, as she continues her journey to become the best version of herself.

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It’s not easy opening up about seeking professional help in a country like ours. Individuals like Sukriti help us fight the stigma of seeking help head-on, and the inspiration they provide is invaluable.