Simple Pleasures to Boost Your Productivity

Boost Do you want to improve your productivity levels today and everyday so you can get things done?

Would you like to make the process as pleasurable and as painless as possible?

If so, then you should strongly consider savoring the simple pleasures in life.

Simple pleasures are tasks or actions that don’t require much effort or money.

What they do require, however, is our complete attention, focus, and appreciation in a given moment.

Simple pleasures make us slow down from our busy lives and take a well-deserved break or pause.


Sadly, more often than not, we tend to dismiss simple pleasures as being too simplistic (how ironic!), or at worse, utterly boring and a waste of our time.

This dismissive viewpoint truly begs the question: if we don’t have the time to slow down and savor the little bits of joy, happiness, and delight in our lives everyday, what do we have time for?

In this post, I offer a collection of over one hundred simple pleasures to help boost your productivity.

The idea behind this post is simple: the more often you can stop, slow down, and take a refreshing break in the middle of your day, the more focused and energized you’ll be to tackle that to-do list, chores, assignment, or project.

So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, or stressed out, do yourself a favor and take a break from whatever it is you’re doing.

Try one (or more) of the simple pleasures on this list and see how you feel afterwards, in spirit, body, and mind.

Chances are, you’ll feel rested, refreshed, and ready to get down to business!

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1. Enjoy a hot beverage from start to finish.

Savoring a hot beverage is one of life’s most simple pleasures. Purchase or make yourself a delicious hot beverage and really savor the experience from the first sip, to the last.

2. Make up a short story.

Put your imagination and creative skills to the test by creating your own original short story. There’s no need to write your story; oral storytelling counts too!

3. Savor a long email message from a friend.

Your best friend just sent you a juicy email message filled with wonderful news and updates. What should you do? Slow down, take your time, and enjoy reading the email.

4. Take your full lunch break without checking your phone, tablet, or computer.

Breaks are meant to be enjoyed…without distractions. Challenge yourself to take your full midday break without laying a finger on one of your digital devices.

5. Sing along to your favorite song.

For a real shot of energy and fun, pull up your favorite song, put it on repeat, and sing along with gusto.

6. Call an inspiring friend or family member.

Could you use some inspiration in your work or life? If so, call up a friend or family member and have a chat.

7. Visit a free museum or zoo in your hometown.

What’s on display in the free museums or zoos in your hometown? Now’s a great time to plan a weekday or weekend trip.

Stay at home version: Head online to take a virtual tour or see a live-stream of your favorite exhibits.

8. Wear your favorite pair of socks.

Sometimes, even knowing you’re wearing your favorite pair of socks or hosiery can turn a gloomy day into a bright one. Locate your favorite pair of socks and put ’em on!

9. Stretch out and lounge on your sofa.

Stretch out and get comfy! Take up as much space as you need, and just relax.

10. Stand near a window and watch the clouds roll by.

What patterns and shapes do you see in the clouds? Do you see animals, foods, or places?

11. Write a poem.

Put on your thinking cap and craft your very own poem be it rhyming or free verse.

12. Sit on a bench in a local park and take in the scene.

There’s a lot to take in at a local park or recreation area. Sit yourself down on a bench and take in the world around you. You may be surprised at what you find!

Stay at home version: Sit outdoors in your backyard or watch a documentary featuring a wildlife preserve, park, or garden.

13. Take a local train or bus to the end of the line to see what’s there.

Ready for a little hometown expedition? Dare to take a local train or bus to travel to the end of the line to see what’s there.

Stay at home version: Fire up your computer and take a virtual tour of your hometown via Google Maps or other online guide.

14. Make a list of all the countries you’d like to visit around the world.

Just because you’re not traveling now doesn’t mean you won’t travel in future. Create a list of all the countries you’d like to visit. You can even expand it it to states, cities, and landmarks, if you like.

15. Try out a free gym membership.

Make good on your New Year’s resolution and try out a free gym membership at a local gym. Who knows, this may be the boost you needed to get back into a gym routine.

Stay at home version: Watch free workout videos online or signup for a trial membership on a fitness app or website. You can also see if your local gyms are offering virtual workouts.

16. Watch a movie…without your cellphone.

Head to a local movie theater or cinema to watch a movie. Then, switch off your cellphone and enjoy the show.

Stay at home version: Watch a movie at home without your cellphone!

17. Create brand-new outfits by “shopping” your closet.

Unleash your inner stylist by creating new outfits in your closet. You may even find a few pieces you’ve never worn before.

18. Browse magazines at the supermarket or bookstore.

Check out your favorite magazines and take a look at a few new ones you wouldn’t normally browse. It’s all about expanding your mind.

Stay at home version: Browse digital books, magazines, or audiobooks from your local library or favorite digital subscription app.

19. Practice throwing paper balls into the recycling bin.

Practice your basketball game by throwing crumbled paper balls into the recycling bin. See how far back you can stand and still sink a three-pointer.

20. Spend time playing with your dog or cat.

When’s the last time you spent some quality time with Rex or Kitty? Pull out their leash or favorite toys, and have a blast!

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21. Donate items you no longer need to a thrift store or shelter.

Not only will you free up space in your home or office, but you’ll get a nice rosy glow in your heart.

Stay at home version: Declutter your home or office and pack up unwanted items for donation in future.

22. Watch the sun rise in the morning or the sun set in the evening.

Behold the glory of the shining sun! Seriously, if you haven’t appreciated a sunrise or sunset recently, you should.

23. Admire the flowers in a neighborhood garden.

Take a look at all the flowers in a local or neighborhood garden. What types of flowers are growing there?

24. Go out for a jog or run.

Exercise your mind and body with a jog or run in your neighborhood or local park.

Stay at home version: Search for aerobic workouts online and workout at home.

25. Bake a cake or pie from scratch.

It’s time to put your baker’s hat on! Find a recipe, check and prepare your ingredients, and bake a delicious treat from scratch.

26. Take a long soak in the bathtub.

You don’t have to go to the spa to have a spa day. Draw a lovely hot bath in your bathroom and enjoy a good long soak.

27. Clean a window with a stunning view and admire your handiwork.

This may sound silly, but cleaning a window can make a big difference in your space. There’s more light, plus you can throughly enjoy the view!

28. Wear your favorite cologne or perfume.

Enjoy your favorite scent at home with a few strategically-placed spritzes.

29. Give someone a high-five, just for the fun of it!

Who doesn’t like to high-five? Celebrate a job well done or just high-five for fun.

Stay at home version: Have a video chat with a friend or family member and do a virtual high-five!

30. Cross-off an item from your to-do list.

You’ll feel 10 times better for finally crossing off *that* item from your to-do list.

31. Write in your diary or journal.

Let your mind relax and then write in your diary or journal. There’s no need to edit yourself, just let the words and thoughts flow…

32. Find and listen to a new podcast.

Ready to learn something new? Try checking out a podcast in a genre you don’t normally listen to.

33. Explore a new area or neighborhood on foot.

How well do you know your local area or neighborhood? Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and set out on a little trip.

Stay at home version: Research local online travel blogs and explore your town or city. What can you learn about where you live from the comfort of your own home?

34. Read a list of inspirational quotes.

Inspirational and motivational quotes are great to have on hand, especially when you’re feeling less than motivated.

35. Take a cancelled appointment or meeting time for yourself.

You’re always wishing for more free time for yourself, so why not take advantage of this wonderful free gift?

36. Try a new recipe this week for dinner.

Scan your favorite cookbooks or websites and find a tasty new recipe for dinner this week.

37. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Locate the nearest mirror and smile! It’s sure to bring some instant happiness to your heart.

38. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

Make sure you look your best this season with a manicure or a pedicure.

39. Spend time working on your favorite hobby or craft.

When’s the last time you put in some solid hours working on your pottery, painting, cooking, baking, knitting, or model-making?

40. Take a walk outside around the block.

How well do you know your block? Lace up those sneakers and head out to see what you can see.

Stay at home version: Draw a map of your local block on a sheet of paper. Fill in all landmarks, from homes, buildings, shops, and stores as you can remember them. Check your handiwork with Google Maps.