The Benefits of Group Exercise

Group We know — working out by yourself can be a struggle. When you join a group fitness class, though, it can help you get in the zone and remain motivated. Led by a personal trainer, group exercises help you get the most out of your workout with an extra dash of inspiration to be successful.


The benefits of group fitness classes result in positive effects on your overall well-being and health. They offer lower risks of injuries with guidance for improved performance and better form.

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It can be difficult to motivate yourself to wake up in the morning or work out after a long day until you have your friends motivating you. One of the benefits of a group exercise class is that it gives you the right dose of pressure to join when people you know are heading to the same place. While it’s easy to bail on yourself, it’s not as easy when you let your friends and instructor down.

One workout partner can increase your motivation levels, but when you multiply it by 10 or 20 more people, your enthusiasm will skyrocket. Participants exercise longer than working out with a single partner, and even more so compared to working out alone. It’s vital to surround yourself with like-minded and devoted individuals to help you dig into each workout. Group exercises even induce your competitive side as a healthy way to work harder.


When you sign up for a group fitness class or tell your friends you’ll be there, you are more likely to show up and continue to do so as opposed to saying, “I’ll go next time.” It’s human nature not to want to drop out in front of others or seem lazy. You are accountable for showing up and trying your best. While you are not required to do anything you feel uncomfortable with, it’s all about taking the initial step.

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Group exercise vs. individual exercise gives you more of a variety when choosing how to work out. For example, when a trainer creates your fitness schedule, you won’t be stuck in the same routine. When participating in group fitness classes, you also have the freedom to choose a variety of workouts — anywhere from dancing and lifting weights to boxing and cycling.

Trainers can help you target different muscle groups without you having to plan and research, and you can decide which parts of your body you want to focus on. A variety of classes adapt to your abilities no matter if you are a beginner or not.


There are many benefits of group exercises. You don’t have to plan out your routine, which is perfect for newbies. Working with a trainer also helps ensure you have proper form during your regimented workout.

If you find it hard to concentrate at the gym, classes are beneficial because you will know what body parts will be targeted, what muscles will be used and for how long. They will guide you if you aren’t sure about workout equipment, too.